This morning I cleaned for the second and last time the winterbarley seeds and cleaned the machinery. After that we cleaned the workshop.

In the afternoon we unmounted the whole frontloader from an old tractor to bring it to the buyer. After that I mowed the lawn and helped put a tarpaulin on the trailers full of straw, that Airton should drive tomorrow till Viborg.


In the morning we took away the cooled down barley straw bales away from the air channels and put the next 12.
Afterwards, as Knud had sold an old combine, we drove it to the buyer...The motor isn't that good anymore and smoke all the way. Airton drove the combine and I a trailer with the cutting bar on it.

In the afternoon we mounted the machinery to clean and treat (with chemical) the grains used to drill the fields. We too cleaned once about 3t of winter barley.


After a long sleeping and cleaning our flat we spent the afternoon in Grenaa. We went to look the harbour and the big "ferries" to Sweden, the (here) deemed beach and to the city center, where again were almost nobody...

And for the way home we only took small (and gravel) roads thru the country and stopped too at the Fjellerup beach.
For dinner we made a good barbecue.


This saturday, as the wetaher is rainy again, we have free. In the morning, we went to take breakfast with Knud's family at the next village (Uggelhuse) day. It was a good eggs and bacon breakfast, and Airton and I ate so much, we didn't need to have lunch...

In the afternoon we went a bit shopping and looking at the 'junior lawnmower tractor pulling at the Uggelhuse village's day.


This morning we change bearings from a pulley on the combine, and made some gardens works.

In ths afternoon, as the weather should be well till the weekend, I started to ted the grass straw left. But just when I was finished, rain came again...

With a weather like this, we'll have to dry the wheat. So we took out the grain dryer and make it ready to work and made a test. All the mechanical was good, only the electrical part wasn't working. An electrician will come on monday to try to mend the problem.

Here I joined too some pictures where you can view the workshop...


We finished cleaning up the place in the front of the workshop, installed 6 hose reels for the compressed air air in the workshop and tried if everthing was proof...We were lucky, we only found one unproof place.
Afterwards, we noticed that the spring barley straw bales were hot...there was too much green grass in the straw. So we took them out of the shed and place them in a silo, before air channels to try to cool them down...


Today wet weather, with a lot of very heavy showers

In the morning we repaired and checked all the lights from the combine (where a lot were broken since a long time and never repaired...).

We spent the afternoon cleaning up the place in front of the workshop, by putting everything togehter (steel, pallets, machines, wood...) and throwing away what useless was.


This night there was a lot of rain...no harvest again.
Airton and I went to the spring barley silo to level it and clean everything. We, too, took some probes to analyse the quality.

In the afternoon, we repaired a broken protection bar from the tedder, installed tail lights on it and build a support for the hydraulic control crane, wich is always standing wrong while working.


Loading of 30 bales grass straw for the bull farm. Afterwards I continued the rowing up of the now dried grass straw till it, again, started to rain... After, we drove all the straw bales (wheat, spring barley, grasseeds) home.


Sunny sunday=worky sunday;-)

While Knud and Airton changed the broken elevator chain from the combine I ted the last grass straw. Then i rowed up what already dry was, wich Airton baled in the afternoon. From 3pm to 10pm I drove spring barley trailers to the silos, in Knud's father's barn (15ha).


This morning I re-ted the grass straw and drove grasseeds trailers home. We are now finished with this last 22ha grasseeds field.
Aterwards we cleaned the combine to start harvest the wheat. Till 11pm (when an elevator chain from the combine broke) we drove wheat trailers home and put it in the storage barn.


Today, better weather, more sunny and windy.
I greased the tedder and ted the grass straw to get it dry. In the afternoon I mowed the lawn and drove a trailer of grasseeds and put them in the silo.


This morning we finished the pavement...You can see the result on the pictures. And after some heavy rains, we saw that everything was working fine, and now, there is no more water coming in when there's heavy rain.
In the afternoon we finished the realignement of the back axle from the bale trailer, connected the compressor to the pipes around the workshop and built some "anti-vibrations" holds for the compressor.


Weather: showers... so we started the day with digging a hole just before the entry door of our flat to install a gutter to avoid, every time it rains, the water coming in... The drain pipes were already in the ground, we just had to install the gutter. After that, we decided to pave around (with some old stones lying in a corner of the farm). We had to make it right that the water flows good into the gutter...We had just time to begin the first row, and the rain came.
Thus, we made the compressor ready to work and continued the realignement of the axle (we had to build some steel pieces to replace old onesn no more available)


This morning we finished to cut the grass and trees near the electric fences of the horses'fields. I think it hasn't been done since a long long time...I started to cut the trees with an axe, but soon I realised I should better use the chainsaw (wich wasn't starting when Airton tried). So I decided to have look by myself...After dismounting, cleaning, sharpening and checking everything, it started well...So I could finish the job easier and faster.

In the afternoon, I finished the mounting of the crompressed air hose around the workshop. Afterwards, we started to realign the back axle of a bale trailer...


Today we, as the weather forecast were good, we wanted to continue the grasseeds harvest, but unfortunately, when we just were ready to start the rain started too...Thus no harvest today.

We did some workshop improvements: repaired the air compressor (tried), started mounting some hoses to get the compressed air in all corners from the workshop and build a rack to suspend all the compressed air tools...


Bad weather, a lot of rain and cold...we couldn't continue the grasseeds harvest. We spend the day at comfortably at home.


Today, the weather wasn't so good but dry with a lot of wind, so we could start harvesting the last field of grasseeds (+/- 22ha). I drove the trailers and put the seeds in the silos while Airton was drinving the cultivator in other fields. We stopped at 9:30pm because of the night humidity.


This morning I build a rotating frame for the high pressure hose reels... Afterwards we made the cultivator ready to work, Airont went on the fields with it.

Knud and I went to Randers Tax office to get me a tax number (I've to pay on my wages)...They're as good as in Belgium...you want 2 hours and finally get nothing!!!! They want some more paperworks...

I spent the end of the afternoon cleaning the silos for the spring barley.

In the evening Airton and I went to Randers by bus, to go to a free music festival...We spent a good evening though the not so good music and the very expensive beers...(30Kr=4€)


Today I cut the grass from the grasseeds field with the mulcher (+/-19ha 6hours). After that I cleaned it...It hasn't been since a long time (months certainly)... There was already some compost on it... It's sad to let the machine become so dirty (and outside under rain...)


I continued to sieve the grasseeds (2 hours) while Airton was spraying Round'Up on wheat. When he came back he took my place to finish the cleaning. In this time I loaded a trailer full of hay for a customer near Aarhus (Lisbjerg). I drove there after lunch.
Afterwards I cleaned up a bit the workshop and helped unloading an old combine from a truck.


This morning we started with the preparation of the seed-drill (to reseed some grass fields)...
After that we made some tests to look if everything worked well.

Than I had to deliver 10 bales hay to a customer near Aarhus (Hesselbale). Everything went ok except that people always say there's a lot of space, but don't have any idea of the tractor size. So this place was very very small for the John Deere and his trailer (the smallest). I couldn't get the bales in the barn and had to borrow their small Schäffer loader to put them in the barn...

In the afternoon we cleaned the last empty grasseeds silos to put the seeds from the last field (wait for the next good weather)

In this time, Knud went to harvest to lines of grasseeds to have some seeds to put in the drill to start drilling tomorrow. But as those seeds weren't that clean to put them directly in the seedmachine, we had to clean them (+/-500kg) with hand sieving....